Nels - President, Sales Lead

After graduating from Montana State in 2015, Nels started Moshunal with the goal of providing a higher level of wedding production in Montana. Nels loves working with technology and on other projects.

Ben - DJ, Audio Tech


Ben is a Montana local, who loves to enjoy the outdoors when he is not indoors making new friends.

MateoDJ, Audio Tech

Mateo discovered the art of DJing from another Moshunal team member, and has since become one of our most technically talented DJs. You can find more of his projects online.

Jeremy - Team Manager

Jeremy has a passion for music and audio creation. He's been writing and performing music from the age of 5, and mixing and producing music since 2014 under the alias Stylemethod.

Michael - Videography, Post-Production

After graduating from the Film program at Montana State, Michael has worked as a freelancer and video guru in the Gallatin Valley, and has a special place for kids.

DavidDJ, Audio Tech

David is a man of many musical talents. When he's not  in the studio working on new projects, you can find him outside exploring


Mike is one of our top DJs, especially when it comes to crowd interaction. If he's not catching up on life with you, you can find him working on Raw Results


An avid explorer and audiovisual artist/impresario from Montana, Rachel loves styling grooves (and moves) for the dance floor. Favorite activities include aquatics training and cinema-going. 

Rebecca - DJ

Rebecca is a true lover of music, understanding it from a perspective both on the dancefloor, and behind the decks. When she's not mixing, you can find her traveling and exploring new places.

Jack - DJ

Jack started DJing more than three years ago and hasn't looked back since. With interests ranging from drawing, to stand up comedy, to music production, his main focus is giving his full attention to the crowd and making sure things go smoothly.


Ali is currently a student at Montana State University with a mission to have fun every second possible. When she's not studying, you can find her either jamming along to her music, serving her community, or playing in mother nature's backyard!

YouDJ, Audio Tech

Want to join our team? We're looking for awesome individuals who love music, and love people! Send us an email for more info.


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