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Make It or Break It

We get it. It's super hard choosing a DJ, a band, or whatever source of entertainment for your big day. There's so many options! And they're all expensive, or at least more expensive than it seems like it should be. It's not like we're flying Calvin Harris in to play a show! More importantly, it seems like there always is the right choice. The right choice because this is the biggest day of your life, and whoever is MC'ing it is probably pretty important.

We get it. That was half the reason we started Moshunal. We couldn't stand going to another wedding where "Pro DJs" got paid to play their iTunes playlist, be rude to guests, and eat your food. Our goal around here isn't to say "Don't go with Cousin Eddy, or Pro iTunes DJ, buy from us!". It's to say there are options for high quality, AND in your price range. It may not be us, but when you find it, it's 100% worth it.

Make your big day everything it can and should be.

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